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Remodeling Contractor - Williams & Rowe Company Inc.

At Williams & Rowe Company, Inc. policies and procedures are in place to ensure recovery of business operations. We specialize in clean-up, debris removal, re-installation of vital technology and building structure renovation following a disaster. We were there in the aftermath of Katrina and we will be there for our clients through whatever emergency arises.

Williams & Rowe complies with environmental guidelines that are part of any disaster recovery project. Disaster recovery is an important facet of business stability not always addressed. We are aware of the importance of business functioning despite a significant disruptive events. Williams & Rowe is ready to assist with any clean-up, renovation, and re-installation of property and technology damaged by the disaster. We work with our clients to implement control measures to reduce or eliminate future threats to their continued uninterrupted operation. Williams & Rowe is also able to put into action already established Business Contingency Plan (BCP) as part of disaster recovery. We are ready to carry out plans for clean-up, refurbishment, re-installation of technology, fire prevention, back-up electrical generation, surge suppression, and any other BCP our clients may need to keep their businesses operational.

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