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What is a Commercial General Contractor?

A commercial general contractor is someone who supervises a construction project from start to finish. This ranges from the materials used, equipment, vendors, electricity, and plumbing.

Commercial Contractor vs. Residential Contractor

Many people confuse commercial contractors with residential contractors. The main difference is that commercial construction is more elaborate in terms of the components that need to get completed. Commercial buildings are not only bigger, but compose of various budgets, time frames, materials, and regulations.

Responsibilities as a Commercial Contractor

To qualify as a commercial contractor, there are several responsibilities that they need to embody.

  1. Work abiding by the budget and the amount of time given
  2. Stay organized and report updates frequently
  3. Utilize the correct materials and equipment
  4. Have social skills and communicate with the employees
  5. Supervise the development of the construction

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Contractor

Businesses can benefit from hiring a general commercial contractor for their construction projects. It can reduce the amount of stress handling projects like this induce. A commercial contractor will make sure that the entire construction project is run smoothly and in a timely manner.

In addition, the liability of the project is transferred to the contractor. Therefore, the commercial contractor is then responsible for any injuries or damage to the property. Commercial Contractors are to fix the mistakes and pay for the costs. Businesses are then able to save money. For more information, contact Williams & Rowe Co Inc at www.williamsrowe.com.