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When you begin a home renovation, one of your first steps is to hire a remodeling contractor with a good reputation. Even after choosing the best contractor for your job, failing to communicate effectively will likely lead to unsatisfactory results. You can avoid this situation by making sure you share your expectations thoroughly throughout the renovation.

Don’t Use Allowances.

An allowance is something used when you don’t have a specific plan for some aspect of your home renovation. For example, you might not have picked out the plumbing for your master bathroom. In that case, you may leave that option open to your contractor. Too many allowances can inflate your costs far beyond the initial estimate. You’ll stick closer to your budget when you create a detailed plan for every aspect of your renovation.

Take an Active Role

Even though your contractor is overseeing the construction, you should still supervise the remodeling project. Ask about the best times to call or text your contractor with concerns or questions. You should also meet with your contractor each morning or evening to obtain progress reports on the renovation.

Insist on Documenting Changes

The contract you sign with your remodeling contractor should specify that they will provide you with documentation regarding any changes made to the original plans. In particular, the contractor should document what changes are to be completed and how those changes will affect your total costs. Insisting on this stipulation will save you from facing unexpected rises in your overall costs.

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