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If you own a grocery store, updating and maintaining the store to please your customers is essential. Here are a few ideas to consider to help give a fresh, modern look to compete with other stores in the area.

Staying Open

One detail you want to keep in mind when starting grocery store renovations is that you should try to stay open for customers. Print maps customers can use to navigate remodeling areas and show where updates will be once they are complete. Try to perform the loudest work at night so as not to disrupt customers.

Healthy Features

A trend that’s taking place among grocery store renovations is highlighting healthy food choices. You could offer more organic or gluten-free options in specific store areas to make them easier to find. Another option is to provide healthy prepared meals instead of focusing on cakes and baked goods in the deli and bakery areas.


Many customers desire convenient options, especially when they get off work or are concerned about large crowds. You could design an area specifically for grocery pick-up or a self-checkout area for customers who don’t want to wait in line for a cashier. Curbside pickup is a service you could provide as well. Ensure you have enough employees who can work in this department as you don’t want to take away from other operations in the store.

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