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What do you think about renovations? While the project you have in mind might seem simple on paper, renovations are often more work than property owners anticipate. Whether you’re renovating a business, rental property, or your own home, here are three things you need to know before the construction renovation crew breaks ground.

Budget Is Everything

Little extras here and there can add up quickly, so remember to stick to your budget no matter what. If you must have that imported stained glass or river rock shower tile, see where you can cut costs elsewhere to make up for the extra expense.

You Can DIY to Save Money

A little elbow grease is one of the best ways to take a bite out of your budget. Do simple tasks like painting, laying carpet, and installing showerheads yourself instead of paying the construction renovation crew to work overtime.

Be Flexible With Your Plans

The most important thing to remember when renovating a property is that plans can change on a day-to-day basis. Be flexible about materials and layout, and work with your construction crew to get the best results without blowing your budget.

When you’re ready to start renovating, you need a contractor with quality service and results you can count on. Williams & Rowe Co Inc is a commercial construction and general contractor specializing in renovations, design-build and industrial projects. See what they can do for you at williamsrowe.com.

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