Williams & Rowe

Remodeling Contractor - Williams & Rowe Company Inc.

Due to its unprecedented growth, the Williams & Rowe Company, Inc. has expanded beyond its headquarters in North Florida, executing construction and renovation projects throughout the United States. Our company is a state certified general contractor in 18 states and has now an additional operating range throughout the continental United States, the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.




At Williams and Rowe we see safety in construction, environmental standards and transportation as a priority. We assist our clients in establishing an accident free job site with all the ancillary services that support it. We also conduct effective training for construction in compliance with OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations. We listen to your needs, assess the project site and offer flexible solutions for the fulfillment of safety requirements. We develop company safety plans, fall protection plans and employee training which includes OSHA safety courses covering safety requirements for the construction industry under 29 CFR 1926. Subjects include personal protective equipment (PPE) and fall protection requirements for general industry and construction. Other areas covered include scaffolding, electrical hazards, chemical hazards, cranes and trenching. We also focus on identification of areas and activities where fall protection is required such as elevated walkways, floors, holes, wall openings, walking and working surfaces, ladders, etc. We offer equipment operator training to ensure that all equipment operators are certified in accordance with regulations. For jobs that require working with specialized machinery such as power industrial trucks, the Forklift Safety Training Program will prepare forklift operators to follow safety requirements, maintain equipment, assess risks and use PPE properly. This training meets OSHA safety requirements and gives hands on operator evaluation.Over the years we have worked with a diverse customer base. Our training is guided by fully certified instructors; exclusively trained with years of on-site safety experience. This gives our clients unparalleled quality and value for their safety training needs. Our own work crews at Williams & Rowe completed the same safety training we offer our clients’ personnel.